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active holidays in Croatia and beyond

Cycle through the vineyards. Slowly cook lamb under the bell. Dive out fresh oysters. Learn how wine barrels are made. Paint the sunset with a local artist. Go truffle hunting. Zip line over a canyon. Ride a horse through a national park. Snorkel in a secluded cove. Set sail for the south. Immerse yourself into the local culture and understand the country you’re in.

tara river canyon in montenegro drone view

During our time together, we travel in small groups of up to 8 people so we can ensure our individual approach. This guarantees you with the highest level of service and your safety as we navigate through the region. With us, you are not just visiting. you are directly involved in our community as you interact with the locals and enjoy our handpicked  experiences. Sustainable tourism is something we feel strongly about. We leave no trace. Our trips do not affect our surroundings. We support local people.  We make changes every day. Thank you for helping us ensuring better future for the Balkans.

small groups

our tours in Croatia and beyond are limited to small exclusive groups. this makes us the perfect choice for your family holiday.

private tours

we take great pride in our private tours program, detail oriented for you. luxury also exists in the world of tailor made adventure travel.

local experts

we are licensed tour guides, certified kayak instructors, adventure seekers. we know where to find the best hikes in Croatia.

active holidays

your family adventure holiday is what we are here for and we love what we do. welcome to the Lighthouse Adventure Travel family.

our destinations

active holidays in Croatia

the land of islands and sunshine. where locals still live like in the past and traditional cuisine tastes amazing. cycling between picturesque villages. cooking a meal with a local family. picking olives. tasting wine. relaxing on a sailboat and waiting for a sunset. painting your favorite moment. welcome to Croatia.


the island life.


the bustling capital.


the fine gastronomy.

active holidays in Montenegro

the land of rivers and mountains. vast fields of green. high peaks of dark mountains. untamed rivers next to villages. sea kayaking in a submerged river canyon. sailing in the open sea. following the footsteps of old nations. packing a picnic. rafting down the Europe’s deepest canyon. cycling to the mountain top. waiting for the homemade lunch.


the easy coastline.


the wild blue.


the highest peak.

active holidays in Slovenia

the land of green. finest wines. cycling like there’s no tomorrow. fighting with the rapids. sharing a shot of local drink with your host. enjoying an art exhibit. paragliding into a winery. seeing other countries from the top of the mountain. high five after a long trek. write down your dreams next to a campfire. learn a traditional song.


the finest winemakers.


the beautiful architecture.


the dramatic views.

tailor made holidays

our clients

family holidays

with the help of our partners in Croatia and Montenegro, we are able to offer you a range of active holidays in Croatia and beyond. allow us to help you decide which adventure suits you and your fellow travelers the most.

self guided

if you want to be an independent traveler, we can help you. ask us about where to go and what to do in Croatia and go on a self guided tour. spend seven days on your own and live like a local with our Croatia itinerary.

bespoke travel

custom active holidays in Croatia, written for you and you only. private transfers, secluded bays and fine hotels combined with first hand experience of life in Croatia and beyond.

read our travel blog

welcome to our travel blog in Croatia and beyond. here you can find all of the useful information on where to go, what to do and what is the best time to travel to Croatia. we are also writing about our active holidays for you and your family, how adventure travel in the region looks like and where you can find the best hikes in Croatia. the locations we visit are the national parks of Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia. don’t forget the island hopping around our 1244 islands in the Adriatic sea. welcome to the Lighthouse Adventure Travel.

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