B2B bespoke services for travel professionals

Besides our bespoke travel services in Croatia for individual travelers, we’re also ready to cater to travel professionals through a range of B2B services. Whether you’re a travel agent or an outbound operator, rest assured that you have a reliable partner in Croatia now. On this page, you can find some of our most useful services for travel professionals. Feel free to use the contact form down below to get in touch with us and discuss the most appropriate package of professional services for your needs.

Travel Itineraries

If you’re still learning about Croatia as a potential destination for your respective clients, but already have some ideas on your mind, you’re in a right place. Come to us with your existing ideas and we will assist you in planning the perfect tour in Croatia. Combining your idea with our insider knowledge is the right recipe for success.

Destination Management

Perhaps you already know Croatia well and have your travel packages ready to be offered to your clients. The last missing piece of the puzzle in your process might be the logistics on the ground. From accommodation and transfer services to meals and activities, we can assist you in choosing the most appropriate options for that specific honeymoon you’re working on.

Educational Journeys

Croatia will be the next name on your destinations list and you want to be able to promote it in the best possible way? Say no more, we have the perfect thing for you. We will create an educational journey in Croatia for you, as a travel agent or a sales team within a travel agency, specialized for your chosen travel niche. From family holidays and wellness travel to honeymoons and specialized tours, like adventure travel or a culinary tour. Curated for your needs as travel professionals, our fam trips will get you more than ready to tell the world about Croatia. Fly in as a traveler, fly out as a destination specialist.

Travel Concierge

In a scenario where you already have the travel plan and clients ready to go, you might need an extra hand once you’re on the ground. Our travel concierge service is here to provide you with our destination specialist, making sure that all of your trip plans go smoothly, 24/7. The travel concierge can accompany you or one of your team members/guides or can act independently, handling the entire trip on his own. This allows you to be carefree while your clients are in Croatia and focus on other arrangements that also require your attention.

Bespoke Services Package

If your request is more specific than our proposed off-the-shelf services, let us know how we can help. If it is a combination of more services we usually provide or something out of the box, we would like to hear more. It is our pleasure to be your business partner in Croatia, travel professionals.

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