weeklong active holiday in the elaphiti archipelago of croatia

Best time to visit Croatia

Best time to visit Croatia

weeklong active holiday in the elaphiti archipelago of croatia

Best time to visit Croatia

Essentially, you can have a great holiday in Croatia no matter when you visit it. There is no best time to visit Croatia, you can come over whenever you want. Your more important decision to make is what kind of a holiday you want it to be and plan accordingly. We doubt that you would choose one of our sea kayaking active holidays in the winter period. Nevertheless, we would definitely do it for you and with you.

Joke aside, whether it is an active holiday, tailor made trip, private family vacation or a gastronomy tour, Croatia can be your destination for sure. Let us start from the basics of the high season/off season line. Like in many other countries with the prevailing Mediterranean climate, most popular months for visiting are June, July and August. Especially if you are up for some beach time, and frankly, Croatia has become famous for its beaches more than anything. But, being a double-edged sword, the above mentioned months bring the crowds along with them – it’s a 1+1 deal. Still, you can be able to find a place or two, hidden away from the rest of the world. These are the places we go to during our trips.

sea kayaking in the island of kolocep dubrovnik croatia

Another thing happening is the month of September, which became the favorite choice of the “crowd-avoiding crowd”. Fantastic weather conditions, all of the resources like restaurants, amusement and practicalities are still open for business and life is just good. But. Like always, the irony of avoiding high season has in fact prolonged the high season so you can run into the crowds even in the month of September. For this reason, among many others, our favorite months to visit our country are May and October.

Sure, the weather is not as stable as you would expect it in the above mentioned months. But if you’re lucky, you can get some pretty nice sunny, warm days in these months. And you can cover almost any region of Croatia in this period. Central Croatia? Zagreb, the capital, surrounding county filled with hidden castles, vineyards of Slavonia region, you name it, centre of the country has it. Moving south and chasing the beaches? No problem, you have the Istria region where a lot of history, culture and good wine is expecting you. You are also within the reach of some nice islands and interesting national parks and protected areas.

Naturally, as you move south, the weather gets even better. You’re closer to the sea, national parks to choose from and don’t get us started on the number of islands you can visit. You really have the whole package, especially if you’re a foodie because the Mediterranean climate goes best with the Mediterranean cuisine. Some of our top wines that you can find on the Hvar island, Peljesac peninsula and in the areas close to them. These months also make it easier for us to run our cycling tours as the weather is really forgiving on you, compared to the temperatures we have to deal with during the summer months.

The math is easy – we cycle around the backroads of Croatia in the off-season and paddle around hidden islands in the high-season. Leave the crowd avoiding element to us, your “job” is to choose what kind of an adventure you want to experience with us. Rest assured that it will be an amazing combination of culture, history, activities, food and last but not least, some good wine. Check out our summer programs for Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. It will be our pleasure to customize an adventure for you and help you creating some new stories for you to share with your friends.

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