Our travel calendar 2021

private holidays in Croatia

Here we are, world. October 2020 and it feels like we’re counting seconds to the 2021. As you already know, it has been a challenging year for everything, not just travel. We’ve learned what’s most important in life and were able to focus more on family and friends. But let us not forget the other … Read more

How to travel in Croatia 2020

Good news, world! Or at least we’re getting there, slowly but steadily. We are now in May already and the world looks like a whole new place, considering the last couple of months in 2020. In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, the world has closed its borders and almost all travel plans have come to … Read more

National parks in Croatia | Travel Blog

private holidays in Croatia

Our national parks can welcome you again as their doors have reopened today, on May 11th. The reason for our joy and happiness is that soon we will be able to take you to these gems of untouched nature once again. In the light of the COVID-19 situation, many restrictions were implemented throughout the country. … Read more

What do you know about Croatia? | Travel Blog

Welcome back to school, everyone! Usually we just tell you everything we know about Croatia and its surrounding region, you read it and that’s it, right? This time, you will be participating a bit more – if you don’t mind, of course. Depending on your story and actually being here on a website that helps you … Read more

Our Response to the Corona virus | Travel Blog

In times like these, we know that life can change rapidly. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe, no matter where you are. The case of Corona virus has spread around the world and we are all fighting it in the best way we can. I am writing here today, as a … Read more

Dubrovnik and Montenegro | Travel Blog

Welcome to your perfect itinerary for an active holiday in Dubrovnik and Montenegro. As always, this program is available to our community in the tailor made section. However, this time we wanted to share one of our favorite itineraries with you, in case you would like to go on a self guided tour this summer. … Read more

Explore the Balkans | Travel Blog

A lot of people have heard about Croatia already, no doubt there. But when we start to mention the Balkans or the Balkan region, questions can arise. Allow us to write a bit more about this hidden region of the world and the best way for you to explore the Balkans. For introduction, you can … Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Slovenia | Travel Blog | Slovenia

You really want to visit Slovenia, trust us. If you didn’t know it by now, now you know. Of course, like with all of our other destinations, it will be our great pleasure to help you learn more about Slovenia.  Down below, we will mention some of our favorite things about this country that will … Read more

Travel in Slovenia | Travel Blog | Slovenia

Long time no see, world! Where should we begin? How to start? With good news, as always! We have been working very hard in the past year and with the new 2020 starting, we also have some novelties in the Lighthouse for you. Our favorite one is the new country we are covering. We would … Read more

When in Croatia | Travel Blog | Croatia

sunset croatia lopud island adriatic sea dubrovnik

To make your trip more memorable and easy-going, we would like to assist you with our first aid kit of information. Here you can find all of the Croatia’s emergency services phone numbers and some details regarding your stay here such as the currency, ATM machines, medical care, etc. In case you would need some … Read more

Best time to visit Croatia | Travel Blog | Croatia

weeklong active holiday in the elaphiti archipelago of croatia

Essentially, you can have a great holiday in Croatia no matter when you visit it. Your more important decision to make is what kind of a holiday you want it to be and plan accordingly. We doubt that you would choose one of our sea kayaking active holidays in the winter period. Nevertheless, we would definitely do … Read more

Thank you, 2018! | Travel Blog | Croatia

overview of the dubrovnik area from a viewpoint in konavle valley

Where to start? How does one describe all of the things that have been happening inside the Lighthouse over the past 12 months? With a massive thank you. A journey, definitely. Year to remember. And nothing would’ve been possible if it weren’t for all the massive support coming from our friends, family, new partners and … Read more

All the Best in 2019! | Travel Blog | Croatia

happy new year 2019 from lighthouse adventure travel

And so the wonderful year of 2018 comes to an end. It would be an understatement saying how it was a special one, one that we will definitely remember for a long time. We’ve shared trips with our friends from around the world, expanded our family, built new bridges with our respective partners and so much more. … Read more

Our international campaign | Travel Blog | Croatia

a view of shanghai during our campaign in china

Apologies for the absence, world. Due to our international campaign, it has been a busy year and a busy last month for us. We hope you understand. We will share some of the basics to explain to you what has been happening with the House lately. As you already know, we have been chosen for … Read more

And this is who we are! | Travel Blog | Croatia

sea kayaking dubrovnik croatia

Watch the following video and learn more about who we are. How do we travel. What can you expect. When and where do we travel.  Lighthouse Adventure Travel is all about small groups of up to eight people. As we travel together through the region, we explore countries of Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. In our … Read more

Happy birthday, Croatia! | Travel Blog | Croatia

statehood day in croatia celebration on hvar island

Well, well, well. Happy birthday, Croatia! It was a small step for the world, but a giant leap for a small country like ours. 27 years ago, after Yugoslavia breaking apart, big changes came. Croatia has become a country of its own and today, we proudly salute to you, beautiful! Stay cool and keep surprising us with … Read more

The 2019 champion | Travel Blog | Croatia

northern mountains of albania

From the year 2019, we are happy to announce that some of our programs will be run in some of the most remote, but also most beautiful locations in the small country of Albania. Yes, Albania, you got us right. The 2019 champion. It is safe to travel, the people there are beautiful and warm and … Read more

Our favorite adventure | Travel Blog | Croatia

viewpoint in lovcen national park in montenegro bay of kotor

At least outside of Croatia, so far, this is our favorite adventure for sure. Yes, it is our Highlights of Montenegro trip where you will see almost every corner of this small hidden gem. Get ready for activities like hiking, trekking, zip lining, whitewater rafting and even cycling if you’re up for it. The trip has once … Read more

Thank You, World! | Travel Blog | Croatia

photo safari in canyons of montenegro

Before we get emotional and everything, we just want to give a big thank you to everyone that is following our story, trying to be a part of it and more than anything, thank you for your unconditional support and songs of praise. It does mean the world to us. Since our beginning, we’ve been … Read more

September travel | Travel Blog | Croatia

sea kayaking dubrovnik croatia adriatic sea

Because everything is just much nicer, September travel is our favorite. The temperatures go a bit lower – by lower, we mean somewhere around 25° Celsius / 77° Fahrenheit. The humidity goes lower, the winds are calmer and the waters are still. The reason why we like the “off-season” so much for our active holiday trips is … Read more

Our favorite day tour! | Travel Blog | Croatia

oyster tasting day tour in dubrovnik croatia

Who are we kidding – every day tour is our favorite day tour. But this one truly is special. We call it the “Oysters and Trees” tour. And no matter how crazy it sounds in the beginning, the day really is too short for all of the great moments we have packed in. Being the … Read more

Welcome to Montenegro. | Travel Blog | Montenegro

hilltop fortress hiking in kotor montenegro

Let us tell you a thing or two about this small hidden gem of ours. Welcome to Montenegro. By ours, we mean as one the countries belonging to this region. But also, as our trip, as our adventure which will allow you to truly experience the beauties of Montenegro on our active holiday. First part of … Read more

New trip in the shop. | Travel Blog | Croatia

sailing croatia southern dalmatia adriatic sea

And the time has come for us to present you our latest trip we have in our offer. Sailing in Croatia. Allow us to show you the secluded beaches, hidden coves and untouched nature of the Southern Dalmatia. On a sail boat. In the Adriatic. Stay mesmerized by the 50 shades of blue this active … Read more

How customized holidays come alive. | Travel Blog | Croatia

process of creating a tailor made trip in croatia

From the first “Hi there” e-mail to the last hug on the airport saying “Bye” to each other because “Goodbye” is way more difficult to say, we are here in the process of your trip creation with you. Unlike with our predesigned tour programs, customized holidays are a two-way street where we paint together on … Read more

Because we travel. | Travel Blog | Croatia

island hopping through Greece with a ferry

We were asked many times about the things that separate us from the rest of the “travel agencies” world and why are our trips so different than your usual active holiday trip. Long story short, because we know how you feel on a trip, whether you’re traveling with us or any other lucky agency. Because … Read more

The Trsteno Arboretum. | Travel Blog | Croatia

walking in trsteno arboretum close to dubrovnik croatia

We almost forgot one of the most important parts of the region that one should definitely not miss. Allow us to continue with our guide for your stay in Dubrovnik. Depending on what type of traveler you are, there are many things you can do, see, visit or experience while here in the region. It … Read more

Mostar city. | Travel Blog | Bosnia and Herzegovina

neretva river in mostar bosnia and herzegovina

Have you ever been in Bosnia? Or Herzegovina? Have you ever been in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Is it Bosnia or Herzegovina? A small country with a big history, sometimes confusing and difficult to explain to someone who is not local. Well, not even all of the locals would be able to tell you the whole story of … Read more

Not another Dubrovnik guide. | Travel Blog | Croatia

sea kayaking tour program active holiday dubrovnik croatia

Before we start, allow us to warn you how comprehensive this Dubrovnik guide will be. Not a short read definitely, maybe it will affect your perspective of Dubrovnik itself and if anything, it will help you during your stay in the city. Welcome to the Pearl of the Adriatic. Your arrival to the city Things … Read more

Lighthouse around the world. | Travel Blog | Croatia

tara river canyon montenegro

We came here to commit, world. Lighthouse is not a one time thing for us and we mean to prove it to you. Along with our normal day-to-day operation, behind the scenes struggle and day/multi day trips, we are here for the long run and there is a lot of work included in our brand … Read more

Day tours from Dubrovnik. | Travel Blog | Croatia

whitewater rafting on tara river in montenegro

That patience truly is a virtue, we have proved once again. Our weeklong tours are our greatest pride, definitely but we have now added a new category to our family. Follow us on our day tours. From now on, you will be able to enjoy the beauties of our region with us for only a … Read more

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