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Our Response to the Corona virus

Our Response to the Corona virus

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Our Response to the Corona virus

In times like these, we know that life can change rapidly. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe, no matter where you are. The case of Corona virus has spread around the world and we are all fighting it in the best way we can. I am writing here today, as a fellow traveler. I have both younger and older generations in my family and I care deeply for them. For this reason, I have minimized my contact with them until the conditions are right.

We Skype, we call, we do everything we can to stay connected. In my mind, not much has changed actually. I have redesigned my current schedule, at least for the next couple of weeks. All of the travels planned for 2020 with you, my respective clients and friends, have not changed. I believe that this only proves further why small group travel is the best one and how the travel style of the Lighthouse Adventure Travel always works.

The Way We Travel

We travel small, up to 8 people and we always go for the hidden gems, in a nutshell. Hidden gems meaning that much less people have and will travel there, until we post our pictures online, at least. Joke aside, I would like to send support to all of my travel family members. I am sorry if this has affected your lives and travel plans more than it should but I am sure that you will endure.

This is my response to the COVID-19. If you are in any of the affected areas and you have to work from home, let me help you. As one of my first steps, I am providing you with a list of my favorite books to read on the countries we travel through. Down below you can find books on the Balkans in general and on Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. Let us hit two birds with one book, or more. Stay at home and keep your loved ones safe while you also learn about the destinations you’re about to travel to with me.

I will make sure to bring enough of “rakija” to disinfect our systems in the most traditional way of them all, here in the Balkans. Thank you for traveling with us and stay safe, friends. See you soon.

With love,


Black Lamb and Grey Falcon | Rebecca West

This book is referred to as one of the best ever written on the topic of the Balkans so I leave it to you if you have enough time – it is a long read. If you do, you will immerse yourself deep into the complex history of Yugoslavia.

Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation | Laura Silber and Allan Little

Breakup of Yugoslavia, seen through the eyes of local people and political actors of the area, using commentaries and photography.

The Balkans: A Short History | Mark Mazower

The most popular underlying issue of the Balkans, nationalism, is deeply covered in this short history.

A Taste of Croatia | Karen Evenden

Let us start easy with a book which is actually a memoir of one woman’s three-year sailing odyssey and an introduction to the food and recipes of Croatia’s Adriatic coast. In case you’re joining me for one of my gastronomy tours, this is a must read.

Croatia: A Nation Forged in War | Marcus Tanner

co Since we will be discussing history as well, I think you deserve a head start on our complex past. Marcus Tanner is a British correspondent who was covering the lapse of Yugoslavia. Read more about our powerful modern history from its medieval origins to its peaceful present.

Zagreb: A Cultural History | Celia Hawkesworth

Like the country, our capital has a vibrant history as well. In this book you will learn more about the art and architecture of the city.

The Hired Man | Aminatta Forna

Less facts, more stories – this novel will set you in a small Croatian village. A family that just arrived will soon find out about the wartime past, still bubbling under the surface of everyday life. 

Side note – one of my clients was crying on a porch of a riverside camp after reading this book. She felt much better after going down the Tara river rapids.

A Traveller’s History of Croatia | Benjamin Curtis

In case you want to go further in the history, this book will take you back to Roman times.

Chasing a Croatian Girl | Cody McClain Brown

Rare but not impossible when it comes to Croatian history, this book is light and funny as a read. You will learn more about the country, its culture and the people. Do not believe everything you read in there.

Minuet for Guitar | Vitomil Zupan

Focused on World War II, this Slovenian fiction tells the story of partisan soldier “Berk” and his surreal experiences as a guerilla during the Axis occupation of Ljubljana.

I Saw Her That Night | Drago Jancar

A love story during the time of war, following life of a young bourgeois woman, Veronika Zarnik. Set in a turbulent period of Slovenian history, the novel covers perspective of five different characters.

The Golden Bird: Folk Tales from Slovenia | Vladimir Kavcic

Slovenia being a modern world fairytale, especially during the winter, deserves this book as well. Read through the eighteen tales about princesses, magical animals and demons to learn about the mystical part of Slovenia.

Montenegro: A Modern History | Kenneth Morrison

In this book, you will get to learn more about the shaping of Montenegro as a country through its recent history.

Montenegro: A Novel | Starling Lawrence

In this novel, you will follow the footsteps of a British spy who gets to the core of local people and the land, from Adriatic sea to the mountains in the north. The complexity of regional politics between Muslim, Turkish and British gets under the light here as well.

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