How customized tours in Croatia come to life

From the first “Hi there” e-mail to the last hug on the airport saying “Bye” to each other because “Goodbye” is way more difficult to say, we are here in the process of your trip creation with you. Unlike with our predesigned tour programs, customized holidays are a two-way street where we paint together on the canvas of your upcoming trip.

Why do we like it so much? Because more than ever, you are involved in the process. We listen to your ideas and do our best in realizing them. Sometimes those ideas need some work around them, but with our mutual effort we always achieve great things. And nothing makes us happier in this world than to see our clients happy with their perfect active holiday.

Once we get a rough sketch of your wanted adventure, our goal is to make it happen with as less hassle as possible. And by now, we are sure that you know how traveling can be challenging, depending on the amount of hopping around we’re in for. Different accommodations, routes, transports and activities are the thing that makes all of this a challenge. But allow us to accept the challenge of your next trip and let us know of your wishes.

Because your wish is our adventure.

Welcome to Lighthouse.

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