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History of Slovenia Slovenia is a small but geographically diverse country in central Europe. As a matter of fact, this country is at the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe. The Slovenes are a South Slavic people with a unique language. For most of its history, the country was largely controlled by the Austrian regimes.

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History of Montenegro The first inhabitants on the Balkan peninsula were the Illyrians. The Slavic people followed their footsteps in the 6th and 7th centuries. What is nowadays Montenegro, was back in the 14th century known as the Serbian principality of Zeta. The principality was under the Ottoman Empire rule from the 14th to the

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History of Croatia Croatia came to life in the early 7th century AD. First Croatian tribes have settled across various parts of the nowadays Croatian territory. They have accepted Christianity around 800 AD. The first ruler in Croatia was Branimir, a duke of Dalmatia. But it was King Tomislav in 925. who united the Croats.

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