Dubrovnik and Montenegro

Dubrovnik and Montenegro

Welcome to your perfect itinerary for an active holiday in Dubrovnik and Montenegro. As always, this program is available to our community in the tailor made section. However, this time we wanted to share one of our favorite itineraries with you, in case you would like to go on a self guided tour this summer.

By all means, if you need any help with organizing your trip or want us to organize everything for you, it will be our pleasure. If you keep reading, you will find out more about our proposition for a perfect summer holiday. It is covering multiple activities, two countries and a lot of hidden gems and curated experiences just for you.

Arrival Day - Welcome to Dubrovnik

As you land in Dubrovnik, a rental car is recommended for the adventure, especially for groups of four and more travelers. Soon you’ll be on your way from the Dubrovnik airport to your accommodation in Mali Ston bay. One hour long coastal drive will keep the Adriatic sea on your left side. If you would like to stay around the old city, you can spend the afternoon exploring the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea. 

Explore the stunning walls that surround the Old Town. Marvel at the baroque buildings and marble streets that adorn the Stradun street. Learn about the city’s remarkable history and its importance in Croatian culture. Later, as you arrive to the accommodation, you will have a chance to freshen up before your first dinner in Ston. 

Day Two - Mali Ston Bay

As every proper vacation should, yours will be starting off with a day of leisure. You will be waking up in your temporary home for your first breakfast. This little stone house is located in the Mali Ston bay, secluded and far away from the crowds. A private corner of peace for you. Feel free to bring a book or two with you on this trip because the time has come for you to recharge your batteries. Just a couple of minutes away, your first experience of Dalmatia starts. Accompanied by your captain, you will hop on a small fisherman’s boat and start with your easy cruise. 

Oyster Farm

You have now found yourself in a protected water reserve, with no human touch and the so common disease of overbuilding on the coastline. Gliding through the turquoise blue, you will get to learn everything you need about the main highlight of your day. Oysters. These world famous oysters grow nowhere else in the world but here, below your boat. Immerse yourself into this story of hard work and cooperation with Mother Nature and learn how oysters are grown. Also learn why they grow only here and how they’ve become protected species. 

Maybe you will also like to know how long does it take for an oyster to grow enough to be served to you in a restaurant. Or what are the main problems for an oyster farmer during his endeavors. You will then winch out the freshest oysters of your life and have them served with some lemon and homemade wine. 

With no distractions around you, sitting on a small boat and tasting a world famous delicacy while also learning how to clean and shuck them. Can it get better than this? Well, good thing you asked. Hopefully you came with snorkeling gear so you can jump in the Adriatic and dive out your own oysters. And just when you think that life couldn’t be any better, you will be shown something even better. 

Private Island

Pulling over on a small, private island, you will get everything you need for the survival course. A picnic basket, bottle of wine and snorkeling gear. Enjoy your alone time with your special ones on this island and just ping your captain when you need him back. No worries, your boat is waiting for you in Mali Ston. 

In the afternoon, you will be exploring the town of Ston and learn about its rich history and most importantly, you will be hiking on the second longest wall fortifications in the world. During the hike, you will get to learn why these walls were built here and enjoy a 360 view of the surrounding region. Thank you for a great day, we will be seeing you tomorrow.

Day Three - Pelješac Peninsula

Today, you are ready to move further away from your beloved bay of Mali Ston. On your menu for the day, we have the Peljesac peninsula. Driving through the vineyards of our most renowned wine-making region, it will soon become obvious to you what makes it so special. Your first stop will be a small coastal town of Orebic from where you will keep on moving on your two wheels. Cycling along the coast between the picturesque towns is your way of relaxing. 

Finest Wine

Sip on Croatian wine as you enjoy the views of Korcula island, sitting quietly and beautifully right in front of the sea. Being so close yet so far away, we completely understand if you would like to pay a visit to this famous island. You’ve probably already heard of its most famous citizen, Marco Polo. A short ferry ride over will take you back into history as you meander around the cobbled streets of Korcula. By all means, feel free to take your bikes with you and enjoy some more cycling on the island. 

Your lunch will be a proper traditional Dalmatian one, whether you’re having it on the peninsula or the island. The main thing is that you pair it with some outstanding Croatian wine like the well-known Pošip. Or perhaps Rukatac, one of the underdogs in the wine world. It’s your choice and our pleasure to cheer with you on the beauty of life.

Mr. Grgich

Not to be the bearer of the bad news but you should go. Your next destination awaits. Located in the small town of Trstenik, on the blue waters of the Adriatic, small winery lies. The famous winery is named by our most famous winemaker, Mr. Grgich. You’ll hear about his interesting life story as you’re tasting his wines and learning about the production. 

You will also visit another small winery. Mr. Grgich himself stated how this family’s Dingac is better than his very own Plavac Mali. With him being the expert, who are we to dispute. We believe that you should pay a visit to that winery and see for yourselves which wine will take the throne of your wine tasting day. Time to go to bed, or for a night cap, your call. See you soon.

Transit to Montenegro - Kotor Bay

Good morning, explorers. Your today’s breakfast will get you ready for the journey south, over the border to the hidden gem of Montenegro. A three-hour-long coastal drive will be shorter than you think. While some of you are focused on the road, you will stay mesmerized by the views of the Elaphiti archipelago and Cavtat on your right. 

A little later, you find yourselves in the middle of the Kotor bay. Welcome to the old city of Kotor, a UNESCO world heritage site. Safely tucked away in a submerged river canyon, protected by the two surrounding mountains of Orjen and Lovćen, it leaves you in awe. By now, you will surely understand why Dubrovnik and Montenegro make such a good combination for your adventure.

You will spend your afternoon here as you stroll around the city and observe the differences and similarities between Croatia and Montenegro. One option you have here is to go for a hike to the hilltop fortress, and enjoy the astonishing nature of Kotor bay. Another option, the more Lighthouse one, is for you to go rock climbing nearby via ferrata. This vertical climb will provide you with one of the amazing views in a short amount of time – very practical, right?

Followed by lunch, you are now ready to continue with your journey to the north of Montenegro, Durmitor national park area. Here you will be accommodated in a small ethno village, far away from the bustling crowds. In the middle of nature. Located on top of a canyon above the Piva lake, we are convinced that you probably haven’t spent a night or two in a similar accommodation. Just as it was in the Mali Ston bay, you will also be provided with a private house for yourself.

Built from wood, stone and glass, these mountain huts make a perfect getaway from everyday life. With living space on the lower floor and open sleeping space on top, you will feel like you’re in a lifestyle magazine. A private mountain hut with a living room, shower, A/C, TV and a fireplace. Not to mention the big windows with a million dollar morning view, just waiting for you up the stairs. 

For dinner time, it will take you exactly one minute of walking. From your house to the village restaurant, you can think about your next meal. With a great variety of traditional Montenegrin recipes, you won’t get bored. Using fresh products from the local farmers, your hosts make sure that every meal is prepared with great love and care. A homemade meal, in a small family owned restaurant, on top of a canyon. Welcome to your village, have a good night.

Day Five - Durmitor National Park

Good morning! How was your breakfast? We hope that you are ready for your morning drive through the hinterlands of Montenegro. Soon you arrive at the outskirts of Durmitor national park where your horse ranch awaits. You will spend the first part of your day with your friendly horses as you explore the untouched natural beauty of Durmitor. Depending on your previous experience, it will be chosen which horse becomes your buddy.

Sitting on your horse, you will leisurely explore the local villages and the very few inhabitants they have. By now, you will already notice how far away people live from each other and how much empty land there is. Did you know that there’s only 630,000 people living in Montenegro? And we will try to avoid as many as possible because all of our adventures take you away from the crowds. Vast lands of Durmitor national park do make a fantastic view, trust us. 

Apple a Day

One thing is for sure, cowboys – it will be a great ride. You will pass some lakes because the horses need the water as well and you will make a stop at some of the local artefacts, Roman empire residues. They also make it a great stop for giving an apple or two to your beloved four-legged Uber rides. After the leisure ride, you’ll arrive back to your ranch and award the horses with some more treats, like apples. Of course, you will have some food as well. You are about to enjoy a traditional homemade Montenegrin lunch in the local hut. We hope that you’re ready for your drive back to the village and some relaxation before your dinner time.

Day Six - Tara River Canyon

We hope that you got some rest because we will need all of your energy for today. Starting the day with a big breakfast, you will start with your drive north, to the Tara river canyon. Your today’s playground is the world’s second deepest canyon, next to the Grand Canyon. So, yes, welcome to the deepest canyon in Europe.

As you arrive at the riverside camp, you will get outfitted and ready for your whitewater rafting adventure. Going down the 21 rapids of this magical river, you will deeply explore the most adventurous stretch of the Tara river. Considering the size of your traveling group, we will choose the most suitable raft and hop into one of our Land Rovers. 

Full gear and helmets, sitting in the back of a truck, feeling like you are being deployed. In a way, you are. We are indeed attacking the river and its rapids. On your way down, you will make a few stops. By few, we mean as many as you want as long as it’s not in the middle of the rapids. Thank you for the understanding. Flowing down the river, in the bottom of this glorious canyon, you will really start to appreciate how wonderful nature can be. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina

A fun fact for you – this river, besides being a natural wonder, also serves the countries of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina as their natural border. Left riverbank is the Montenegrin one, while the right one belongs to BiH. Yes, yes, you can pull over to the right side and say that you’ve stepped on the grounds of a third country on this trip. Also used as a route for soldiers during previous wars, we will shine some light on the history of the area and methods used in the warfare. 

Finished with your rafting session, you will find yourselves back in the camp. Change your clothes and come over to the camp restaurant for a scrumptious lunch. To avoid the food coma, we recommend a cup of strong, Montenegrin coffee. 

Now you call the shots and choose if you want to stick around and sit in a hammock next to the river as you are reading your favorite book. Or maybe go down the river one more time. But this time in a canoe or on a hydrospeed. You can also go hiking to the nearby waterfall or mountain biking on top of this canyon. Get yourself comfortable in the beds tonight, you deserve it. See you tomorrow. 

Day Seven - Black Lake

Good morning, riders. Breakfast is served and you will be on your way soon. Today’s main activity is hiking, moderately paced and allowing you to connect with nature once again. Your drive through the Durmitor national park and its rolling hills and peaks serves as well as a photo safari on your way to your destination. Today’s excursion will take you to the beautiful Black lake, where you can enjoy your walking tour as you follow the trails around the lakes. 

Lakes because there are two more lakes, next to the Black lake and your hike can easily be adjusted. Follow us on this educational trail and learn more about the flora and fauna of Montenegro. Hear how this region became so popular for not just locals but experienced travelers as well. Do you know what are the mountain eyes?

Romantic Canoe Ride

Later, the time comes for a big lunch to get your energy back and enjoy the view of the Black Lake. An optional fun time you can add to this day is to take a canoe and go for a romantic cruise around the lake. Just you, of course, we will stay back and enjoy our fourth coffee.

By now, you have already learned everything you need to know about the coffee culture we have here in the Balkans. As you return to the restaurant, you are ready to go back to your village. Your farewell dinner tonight will be a great chance for you to reminisce on the past week and exchange your favorite moments. You should have some wine as well tonight, don’t you think? 

Transit Day - Departure Flight

The time has come for you to say bye to the Balkans and go back home. After your breakfast, drive yourselves safely to the Dubrovnik airport. Of course, depending on your departure flight, you will have time for some more stops along the way and take some extra pictures. We wish you all the best and hopefully, to see you again one day. Safe travels.

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