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Explore the Balkans

Explore the Balkans

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Explore the Balkans

A lot of people have heard about Croatia already, no doubt there. But when we start to mention the Balkans or the Balkan region, questions can arise. Allow us to write a bit more about this hidden region of the world and the best way for you to explore the Balkans.

For introduction, you can take a look at our map and visualize for yourself where the Balkan is and which countries do “belong” to this geographical region. The Balkans, also known as the Balkan Peninsula, is a geographic area in Southeast Europe with various definitions and meanings. The region takes its name from the Balkan Mountains that stretch throughout the whole of Bulgaria from the SerbianBulgarian border to the Black Sea coast. 

Historians state the Balkans comprise Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia.

The countries we currently focus on during our regular adventures are Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. Of course, if we are talking about the tailor made adventures, then our quest expands to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia. 

As you can see, the western part is our favorite. For this reason, we will recommend you our favorite recipe for getting to know the Balkans without spending too much of your time here. We know how precious time can be, especially the time you have for your holidays and it is our mission to ensure some quality time for you, your family and friends as you explore the Balkans with Lighthouse Adventure Travel.

The Great Balkan Adventure

The countries we have chosen for this amazing adventure are, as you might already know, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro. In this 14 day itinerary you will be able to explore the way locals live, our gastronomy and create some lifelong memories on spectacular locations because untouched nature is something we have abundance of. 

Let us not forget that we will be amusing you with some interesting activities like hiking, trekking, cycling, sea kayaking, whitewater rafting, horseback riding and possibly paragliding. We won’t make any promises. You will be enjoying some new experiences and learn new things about how we prepare some of our traditional meals through cooking classes. We will also be tasting some of the best wines the region has to offer but also learn something new about the world famous oysters of Mali Ston. 

Being the local experts, we know the best spots for certain experiences. This allows us to shock you in the best possible way and ensure the most valuable experience one can have for you and your fellow travelers. 

Slovenia in 4 days

Our quest will start on the western side of the Balkans, in the beautiful green country of Slovenia. Four days do sound as enough time but trust us, time flies. Especially when you’re having good time in great company. We will be exploring the capital of Ljubljana, lakes of Bled and Bohinj and one day is reserved for a treat of your choice. While we will be trekking and cycling in the first three days, the fourth one we can devote to something a bit different. We will either go horseback riding in the small village of Lipica or wine tasting in the famous Vipava valley. Who knows, if our pace is good enough, we might combine it all into one amazing farewell day for Slovenia.

Croatia in 7 days

Traveling down south from Slovenia, our first natural stop is the winemaking region of Istria. Well known for its gastronomy, this northern coastal gem will welcome us with some fine wine and truffles. Famous for it in the rest of the world, Istrian truffles are something spectacular and definitely worth of experiencing. While here, we will be wine tasting and truffle hunting, going easy and recharging our batteries for the next couple of days.

Following the coastline, next two days will be well spent in the area of Split. Here, the surrounding archipelago leaves you in awe. Every single time. One day we will be spending in the Krka national park and the next day belongs to you and your free time. We are not in boot camp and we want you to be well rested. Options for your leisure time are island hopping and whitewater rafting which we can easily organize for you.

Last section of our Croatian adventure is in the Pearl of the Adriatic, mesmerizing old city of Dubrovnik. Get yourself ready for some beautiful architecture, history and views you’ll never forget. The three days we have here will be a well balanced combination of tasting oysters in Mali Ston, cycling in Konavle valley and sea kayaking on the Elaphiti islands. If you don’t feel like it, we can just take one of our speed boats and enjoy the archipelago in a more leisure way. Bottle of wine with some cheese and prosciutto on your deck will be waiting for you.

Montenegro in 3 days

Last but not least, let us introduce you to the hidden gem we like to call Montenegro. And the rest of the world too, of course. One scenic coastal drive later, from Dubrovnik we reach the bay of Kotor. Your fast three days in Montenegro will be spent in one of the most dramatic bays one has ever seen and the northern mountains of Zabljak region. 

We will be absorbing the Montenegrin culture, enjoying the traditional cuisine and take part in some great activities in the middle of untouched nature. The highlights of our time in Montenegro are the whitewater rafting in the world’s second deepest canyon, the Tara river canyon and horseback riding. In the Durmitor national park.

14 days later

You will know a lot more not just about the Balkans as a region but also about the people. We believe that people are the most interesting part of every adventure. We want you to connect with the locals and hear their stories. Of course, the nature is beautiful and the food is amazing. But wouldn’t you also want to learn how life is around here? 

It will be our great pleasure to introduce you to our region. If you don’t have enough time for this big adventure, worry not. All of the countries can be separate trips for you and your fellow travelers. You can play around with your itinerary and spend more time in Slovenia, less in Croatia. When we go into the world of tailor made with you, anything’s possible. If you would like to get a detailed itinerary for this great adventure of ours, feel free to contact us.

With love, Lighthouse.

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