Family Holidays in Croatia

Zavratnica bay, Croatia

Family Holidays in Croatia

Those few people in the world that you care so much about. Your family. So many memories together, so many pictures, so many trips. Quality time with family is one of the most important things in life. We couldn’t agree more. Croatians as people cherish family and put it up high on the priorities list in their lives. This is just one of the many reasons to make Croatia a perfect destination for your next family holiday.

Croatia has all the beaches

Sounds simple at first but if you’re going for a multigeneration family holiday, you will need some things that everyone will love. And what’s better than a sunny destination with sandy beaches and plenty of family friendly activities. 

With more than 1.000 islands, it will be easy to choose your best island for a week of family fun. Croatia can be your spot for easy, relaxing days. But it can also be your spot for cyling, hiking and camping with the kids. 

If you’re traveling with kids, or grandparents, you don’t have to worry. Almost any part of Croatia can offer enough activities for everyone. You can all enjoy your own things in one day. From sea kayaking to wine tasting, it’s all about being happy. And what’s happiness, totally depends on you.

City breaks in Croatia

Traveling with kids is one thing. Traveling with teenagers is a whole different thing, right? Even here, Croatia is the right destination. With a little bit of research, you can find the most appropriate city or cities in Croatia that can be a part of your great family holiday. 

If you’re looking for a summer holiday, then you can take a closer look at Croatia’s coastline. Going from north down to south, first interesting family holiday destination will be the Istria region. Coastal towns, great gastronomy and many cycling routes. 

Great thing about city breaks in coastal towns is the plethora of things to do. Beaches, activities, museums, restaurants and much more.

Further down south, great coastal locations for a city break in Croatia might be the cities of Zadar, Split, Šibenik, Dubrovnik and Cavtat. They are all unique for something of their own and you can choose which city you like the most.

And if we’re talking about the continental part of Croatia, then you can start with the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb. From there, choose your direction and explore the cities of Karlovac, Varaždin, Osijek and Vukovar.

Traveling with teenagers is always interesting because it quite often feels like it’s the last time your kids want to travel with their parents. They now have their friends and their own wishes for travel. Croatia can overcome this barrier and be a wonderful family holiday for all of you. Your kids will definitely want to go for a trip to Croatia, no matter how old they are.

Family Activities in Croatia

And what are we doing today in Croatia? It doesn’t matter because anything you “miss out” on today, you can move for tomorrow. Some of the best things a family can do together in Croatia are visits to Croatia’s national parks. Hiking in a national park is always fun, for both kids and parents.

Next up, cycling holiday for families is a must in Croatia. Even if someone doesn’t like cycling, you can easily grab an e-bike and help them like cycling a bit more. Cycling holidays in Croatia are best to go for in Spring and Autumn, along the coast of the Adriatic sea or on one of the many islands. Some of the best cycling destinations in Croatia are Istria, Krk island, Hvar island, Korčula island and Mljet island. In the continent, that would be the Slavonia region, definitely.

Sea kayaking family adventure already sounds incredible enough, even without the pictures or videos. This activity is not as strenuous as it sounds and you can always get a double kayak. In this way, each parent can go with a child if they’re younger. If you’re traveling with teenagers in Croatia, then you already know that they will want a single kayak for themselves. Great spots for sea kayaking in Croatia are Krk island, Hvar island and the Elaphiti archipelago close to Dubrovnik.

Sailing Holidays in Croatia

private holidays in Croatia

Last but not least, you have the option of sailing in Croatia. In general, these types of holidays are pretty much straightforward and you know what to expect. You hop on a sailboat and roam around the area, enjoying life.

The reason why we mention it here is because we see it as the best travel option at the moment. Taking the ongoing pandemic situation into count, you will want to be careful with your travel plans. Especially if you’re traveling with children – safety comes first. 

This is why a sailing holiday in Croatia just might be your perfect family holiday. It takes you away from the crowds, you’re only spending time with your own household and you get to choose where you go. Sailing routes are usually a matter of agreement and permitting weather conditions. 

On a sailboat, in that bubble of safety, you have the absolute freedom and you get to see it all. While staying safe from the rest of the world. Hidden coves, coastal towns, national parks and islands of Croatia. No one else but you and your family.

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