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Well, well, well. Happy birthday, Croatia!

It was a small step for the world, but a giant leap for a small country like ours. 27 years ago, after Yugoslavia breaking apart, big changes came. Croatia has become a country of its own and today, we proudly salute to you, beautiful! Stay cool and keep surprising us with your hidden beauties cause we take great pride in our mission of showing you to the rest of the world.

As it has become our mission, over the years, to help travelers from around the world in getting a better, deeper insight into this small hidden gem of ours, we can’t explain the pride flowing through our veins hard enough as this date is showing up on our calendar.

One of the most important events in our recent history has happened on this glorious day for us and for a small country like us, and every new anniversary is additional level of happiness and pride for us. Here’s to many more beautiful years in this blue gem we like to call home. Happy birthday, Croatia.

Happy birthday, beautiful, we love you to the moon and back. Lighthouse

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