a view of shanghai during our campaign in china

Our international campaign

Our international campaign

a view of shanghai during our campaign in china

Our international campaign

Apologies for the absence, world. Due to our international campaign, it has been a busy year and a busy last month for us. We hope you understand. We will share some of the basics to explain to you what has been happening with the House lately. As you already know, we have been chosen for participation in the European Commission for Tourism project between Europe and China/USA. The conferences we have been attending took place in Macao, London and Shanghai.

Difficult to explain how it all went as we are still absorbing the places/cultures we’ve met in the past month. The undisputed champion of shocking us was definitely Shanghai and we are glad we went there in order to meet new potential partners and even more important, to meet our new audience for the upcoming years.

On the professional side, all of the ETOA events have shown themselves to be very lucrative for us – no online campaign can replace the networking we’ve done during our trips. Our light has gone further than we’ve ever expected it to go and nothing makes us happier than running new trips around Croatia, Montenegro and beyond with our Chinese/US partners.

What’s next

As time flies, November has almost come to an end. We will be leaving the office for the next two weeks for our annual leave, to recharge our batteries and get ourselves ready for the 2019. Some trips are already in the motion and getting low on spots, don’t wait for too long, reserve your spot with us through any of our channels and make sure you will have a good 2019 active holiday. We apologize in advance for any delays in the communication as our holiday destination has slow internet connection.

See you soon, world!

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