5 reasons not to choose Lighthouse Adventure Travel

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5 reasons not to choose Lighthouse Adventure Travel

We at Lighthouse Adventure Travel understand how difficult it might be when you are trying to plan your holiday and making a lot of important decisions, especially the ones that include choosing someone to trust with organizing your favorite couple of weeks of the year. Allow us to get you closer to Lighthouse and let you know why you should not be traveling with us.

Correct, you got it. We will give you our top five reasons why you should not choose Lighthouse Adventure Travel as your travel buddy in Croatia, Montenegro or anywhere else in the region.


Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate large groups. Every single trip of ours is limited to a maximum number of 8 travelers as one of our priorities because it’s quality not quantity that matters.


There are no mistakes allowed in our house. Going the extra mile and focusing on the smallest details of your adventure is our middle name and we will be in your mailbox quite often, until we perfect your custom adventure. Not to mention our 24/7 service during the entire course of the trip – we are your helicopter parents. 


We do not know everything and if you want us to take you skydiving in Argentina, we will not be googling it 5 minutes prior to our trip. We will hire someone better at it. If you want us to take you sea kayaking in Croatia, whitewater rafting in Montenegro or cycling in North Macedonia – we’re here for you. We are licensed tour guides, certified kayak instructors, educated adventure enthusiasts and you came to our neighborhood.


Nope, welcome to Nopeville. We are not able to take you where all of the crowds go, we are boring that way. We will take you to some hidden spots that none of your friends ever heard about and we sincerely apologize for it.


We are not a big company and we don’t have departments – we are people and we have names in our e-mail signatures. Your trip is our trip as well and we are here because we love what we do. Sometimes it will be hard for us to hide our emotions before, during or after your trip and we are proud of it.

Welcome to the Lighthouse family.

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