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Lighthouse around the world

We came here to commit, world. Lighthouse is not a one time thing for us and we mean to prove it to you. Along with our normal day-to-day operation, behind the scenes struggle and day/multi day trips, we are here for the long run and there is a lot of work included in our brand building. Challenge accepted. Little update on our latest work is following, grab your popcorn.

New Trips

As much as we love our trips that are currently in the “shop”, we always try to design new trips and look for new amazing locations, itineraries and ways of exploring the region. One of our new multi day trips will be taking place in a long forgotten region of Croatia that goes by the name of Slavonia. Seven days of exploring the inland of our beautiful country through a combination of activities, gastronomy and some serious bird watching. That’s right, ornithologists, your time came here in Lighthouse. Next trip will be based on a boat, as we will from now on be running sailing trips too. The firstborn of our sailing program will allow you to explore the beauties of Southern Dalmatia, while island hopping and doing some extracurricular activities, if you would like to, students. Last but not least, a customized holiday trip designed for our new targeted market. Let us just say – a lot of sightseeing and special places in this multi country tour. If you don’t want to miss any new updates on our upcoming trips, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter.

New Markets

Time to spread our wings and offer our services to a broader audience, right? We have begun with our campaigns on couple of different markets with specific products tailor made for each market. Because we like to make everything personal when it comes to us, we will not leave this on an online campaign. We are coming to your neighborhood to meet you in person. Travel shows which we will be attending are all around the globe, but just to give you a heads up – some of our trips will be to Greece, Cuba, USA, UK, Ireland and Germany. We are looking forward to meeting you and telling you our story. Feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting/negotiation/game of chess.

New Channels

In addition to our current 38455 channels of communication on social media, various platforms and pigeons, we have added a couple of more. Yes, we did. From now on, you will be able to find our trips on AirBnB, Viator and TripAdvisor Experiences. Social media? Pinterest and Twitter #becausewecare and let us not forget a really important part of our brand building mission. You can find us on the one and only TripAdvisor and please, do leave a review for us if you’ve been on one of our trips – Lighthouse will be really, really grateful for your kind words.

Brand Apparel

Because we dress to impress, it is also important to us how our clients look. We want you to shine out there, whether you’re on your job, next adventure or just having a drink with your travel buddies. Become our brand ambassador and a part of our global campaign – like it, wear it, share it. So far, our apparel is a combination of our brand logo and different clothing styles. But at the moment, we are working on some new collaborations with some designers in order to kick it up a notch. In the meantime, why don’t you check out our USA shop and EU shop.

We probably forgot a lot of things but do forgive us and stay tuned for our next update on the Lighthouse story.

Thank you, world.

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