Montenegro Holidays

The hidden beauty.

When it comes to the definition of a hidden gem, Montenegro holidays have it all. This little country has all the diversity you need, packed in a wonderful combination of big-hearted people, good weather and untouched nature. Allow us to navigate you through the rivers, canyons and mountains of our favorite neighbor.

Private holidays in Montenegro

The Highlights of Montenegro


You will be picked up from Dubrovnik airport and a short coastal drive will quickly get you a new stamp in your passport. Welcome to the bay of Kotor, a submerged river canyon where the old city of awaits. Tucked away, guarded by the wall fortifications and overlooked by two mountains, Kotor will leave you in awe. After spending our first couple of days in the bay, enjoying baroque towns and hidden trails, we depart for the north. IInto the mountains of north, our journey takes us to the Tara river canyon. Untouched nature and traditional cuisine, we will enjoy it all.

The Tara River Getaway


If you don’t feel like devoting an entire week to this beautiful country, we got your back. This weekend getaway will give you the highlights of Montenegro’s untouched nature and get you ready for a proper visit next time. Make yourself comfortable in our riverside camp and enjoy some traditional cuisine. Read a book. Take a nap in a hammock. Get yourself offline and recharge your batteries. You will surely need them for our whitewater rafting experience. And not to mention our hike in the Durmitor national park on our way back to Dubrovnik. See you soon.

The Kotor Bay


If you’ve already paddled the Croatian bit of the Adriatic sea, you’ve come to the right place. Allow us to show you a new perspective of this amazing blue body of water. Our expedition will help you intimately explore this wonder of nature and enjoy the unique scenery. A submerged river canyon, surrounded by two mountains, in a form of a calm bay. Perfect for an experienced paddler. But also an amazing introduction to paddling for beginners. Calm waters, secluded coves, low winds and beautiful sunshine make it the perfect playground for you and your kayak.

The Balkan's Finest


Dilemmas are always difficult, especially when it comes to traveling around the world. Let us worry about that and join us on this adventure where you will see the best parts of both Croatia and Montenegro. On one side, you have the sea and the islands. On the other side, you have the rivers and the mountains. A dream come true for travel enthusiasts who like to see more and do more. From Dubrovnik and the Elaphiti islands to the bay of Kotor and Durmitor national park, we will be having fun. Get ready for some sea kayaking, hiking and whitewater rafting in one of our favorite Croatia and Montenegro holidays.

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