National parks in Croatia

private holidays in Croatia

National parks in Croatia

Our national parks can welcome you again as their doors have reopened today, on May 11th. The reason for our joy and happiness is that soon we will be able to take you to these gems of untouched nature once again. In the light of the COVID-19 situation, many restrictions were implemented throughout the country. One of the most important ones was to stay at your home, along with the one forbidding us to form larger groups. None of it affects the Lighthouse and the way we travel, rest assured. Our groups are always small and we go off the beaten path, no matter where we are.

But on a much, much happier notion- do you know how many national parks there are in Croatia? Can you name three of them? Let us celebrate this glorious day and tell you a bit more about Croatia’s national parks. Keep on reading and get to know our wonders of Mother Nature.

Croatia has 8 national parks in total, along with 11 nature parks which come to another category. Let us stick with the national parks on this one, we will cover the nature parks soon. Unless you really want to know more, as soon as possible, feel free to write to us. Let us begin then.

Paklenica National Park

We’ll start with the park made for the more adventurous crowd – Paklenica. It covers an area of 100 square kilometers and being so close to the Velebit mountain, it is well known for its impressive peaks, canyons and forests. Recommended for hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking. Read more here.

Brijuni National Park

An unusual park, might we say. Located across the Istrian peninsula, this archipelago of hidden islands makes it a perfect adventure for most travelers. Besides untouched nature, the islands are home to many animals based in the safari park. All of this makes the park recommended for families and light adventures. Read more here.

Kornati National Park

Since we’re talking about the islands of Brijuni, let us tell you about the Kornati islands. A bit remote and difficult to reach, this archipelago of 89 islands and islets is a true hidden gem for you. Recommended for the Robinson Crusoe of your group. You can plan your getaway here.

Krka National Park

Welcome back to the mainland where one of the most popular national parks awaits. Krka is a green oasis known for its famous waterfalls and the island of Visovac. To experience it in a slow pace, rent a car and go for a short drive from Split. It is highly recommended as a day trip for families and couples, and don’t forget that you can swim there. Read more about the park here.

private holidays in Croatia

Risnjak National Park

For some of the better views of the Istrian peninsula and Gorski Kotar region, we will send you over to this beauty of a park. With its rich flora and fauna, any of the outdoor activities in the park will allow you to observe the wildlife. It is a fantastic recommendation for hiking, mountaineering and anyone enthusiastic about the wildlife. Please, read more here.

Mljet National Park

An island known for its lakes, peace and serenity, Mljet will most definitely leave you in awe. Because of its untouched nature, while also being close and well connected to Dubrovnik and Korčula island, this island can be a perfect day trip or a weeklong adventure. It’s your choice and our recommendation are hiking, cycling and sea kayaking as your main activities. You can read more about Mljet island here.

Northern Velebit National Park

The dramatic landscape, breathtaking views and secluded mountain huts on your way. This is what you can expect from this mountain range as you travel through it. Being wild and untouched, it is most recommended for the adventurous hikers, on a soul-searching quest. We urge you to read more about this wonder of biodiversity here.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Last but not least, probably the most famous national park of Croatia which you’ve heard so much about, the Plitvice lakes. We recommend it for families, couples and solo travelers, to visit as a two-day/weekend spot – hiking, trekking and cycling. This will allow you to avoid the crowds and truly explore the park because the lakes are only a fraction of it. Plan your route here.

Well, that would be all for this time. Thank you for your patience, let us know if you would like to learn more about any of these parks with us on a trip or two. Which one would you visit first? Looking forward to your answers, world and see you soon.

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