New Year, new adventures

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New Year, new adventures

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to burn those calories off. Get your bucket list ready so we can add some new adventures to it – it’s never boring with Lighthouse. Even though we were buried deep down under food and deserts during all of the festivities, we have also been working on some new things in our workshop. Follow us, please.

The classics

Yes, we sure have been busy. Some new tours are ready, up and running, waiting for you. Besides some of our classics like The Elaphiti Islands or The Southern Dalmatia tours. Here you can go for a full week of sea kayaking, snorkeling and hiking in one of the most beautiful parts of Southern Dalmatia. You can also go for a combination of Croatia and Montenegro in another one of our classics – The Balkan’s Finest. In this tour, you get to really experience the best of the two countries through the sea kayaking part in Croatia and the whitewater rafting part in Montenegro. You are balancing between the islands of Croatia and the rivers of Montenegro.

Now a word or two about our new adventures in the shop. Our all time favorite goes by the name The Highlights of Croatia – and it is designed to show you what Croatia is all about. In this 9-day multi sport tour you will be exploring the best parts of our little country. The islands, national parks, rivers, lakes, cities, UNESCO world heritage sites, our traditional cuisine and all of this will be happening through various activities, combined to test your limits. You will be sea kayaking, hiking, trekking, cycling, whitewater rafting and, if you wish, rock climbing.

We started cycling as well

Our second newborn we named The Backroads of Croatia – we still love her equally as her older sister, mentioned above. What makes this tour so special, and others following it in this segment, is a bicycle. That’s right, this is our first bike tour. We will give you a chance of exploring the Southern Dalmatia on a bike and it is definitely one of our favorite tours. Your quads might disagree.

Cycling program isn’t the only thing Santa brought us for the 2018. Next program in the works is our team building segment where we are focused on companies and their employees. First stop for the happy companies is called Papuk, the first and so far only geopark in Croatia. It has also been listed on the UNESCO map of globally valuable sites. Here we can go mountain biking, paintball, paragliding and a couple of other things that will spice up the atmosphere for your next Monday.

And last but not least, thanks to our new collaboration, we are happy to inform you that from now on you are also able to find Lighthouse on the Balkanvibe project’s site.

Next stop? Two words. Cycling. Istria.

Welcome to Lighthouse, we’re happy to have you.

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