New tour programs for 2019

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New tour programs for 2019

Yes, it is true, we have some new tour programs developed for the upcoming year. It is our great pleasure to present you our new weeklong tour and two new experiences for you to pack in a day while staying in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik.

Sea Kayaking Around the Elaphiti Islands

Sure, there are many trips that allow you to hop around the Elaphiti archipelago in your sea kayak. But how many of them take you to the rest of the archipelago? The uninhabited islands? A “classic” sea kayaking weeklong tour will take you on Lopud island as your base and let you explore the islands of Kolocep and Sipan. Our new tour is actually based on Sipan island, largest one in the archipelago. It’s even further from the crowds and let you explore the other side. 

In this one week you can circumnavigate the Sipan island. Swim in the hidden lagoons of uninhabited islands of Jakljan and Olipa. Pay a visit to the famous Lopud island and just in case you’re missing the mainland, you will be visiting the Trsteno arboretum. Eight days of sea kayaking, hiking, swimming, snorkeling and cycling is something we highly recommend for those hot summer months. Check out the details here.

Immerse yourself into the local culture

Another one of our day trips that takes you away from the crowds is this one, taking you to the gorgeous Konavle valley. In the small village of Cilipi, you can witness how the old traditions looked like. Maybe you can learn a trick or two from our local people. We will show you how lace and silk are being produced in a museum, after which you can see local ladies selling, of course) their craftwork. Our day ends at a local family’s house where you will be tasting their wines and enjoying a light lunch.

Cycling around our most beautiful peninsula

Another getaway of ours will take you in the opposite direction of Konavle valley, here we’re moving up north, to the Peljesac peninsula. Our day begins with a coastal drive and as we arrive to the small coastal town of Orebic. Here we take our bikes and start our cycling session towards the next town of Viganj. When we say town, we mean a small village. 

Away from the crowds, we jump into the Adriatic for some refreshment before our lunch in Orebic. With our stomachs full and our workout done, time comes for some hedonism. We will be visiting two wineries and taste some of the best sorts the peninsula has to offer – Plavac Mali and Posip. That makes our journey back to Dubrovnik much more comfortable. And who knows, maybe we stick around long enough for a sunset. Details about our day trips, both “old” and new, one can find here.

Thank you for the reading, world, see you in a minute.

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