oyster tasting day tour in dubrovnik croatia

Our favorite day tour in Croatia

Our favorite day tour in Croatia

oyster tasting day tour in dubrovnik croatia

Our favorite day tour in Croatia

Who are we kidding – every day tour is our favorite day tour. But this one truly is special. We call it the “Oysters and Trees” tour. And no matter how crazy it sounds in the beginning, the day really is too short for all of the great moments we have packed in.

Being the most relaxing tour in our offer, this trip is taking you away from Dubrovnik, just like all of our tours. We are driving up north for a bit less than an hour in order to reach the beautiful Peljesac peninsula. However, this is also where we stop as we start our day in the city of Mali Ston. As we board a small fisherman’s boat, we start telling the story of our family – one of the last remaining oyster farming families in the area. They take pride in their family tradition that has been here for the past couple of generations and take us around their farms.

What do we do

We are behind the scenes, literally. We are here to learn how the oysters are grown, harvested, how long does it take for them to be ready for tasting. Why do we use a special knife and what is the best way to clean them and open them and so much more. The really interesting part is when we learn about the natural predator in the local waters that represents the main issue for the family business of oysters. Along with our delicious, fresh out of the sea oysters, we get to taste the mussels as well. Last but not least, there is some wine included as well.

As we finish with our lovely boat ride, we continue to the city of Ston. Here we will see why those walls are being referred to as the second longest fortifications in the world, right after the Great Wall of China. Following up on that, we are looking for the reason those walls were built for in the first place. And yes, lunch time is right here, in the city of Ston.

On our way back, we stop for our last checkpoint of the day – the Trsteno arboretum, being the oldest one in this part of the region, hiding numerous tree species and plants coming from all over the world. And if our timing is right, we are back in Dubrovnik for an afternoon drink, ensuring us the best spot for a Dubrovnik sunrise.

Welcome to our favorite day tour.

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