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Our Story

Our story is as same as yours. We love to travel and experience the world in every possible way. Our search never stops as we’re always looking for new ways on how to deliver the unique experience to you. We want you to have the adventure of a lifetime. Just as we want to experience it every time we travel anywhere in the world. 

To provide you with our vision of the perfect active holidays in Croatia and beyond has become our goal. Hidden gems, secluded bays, best hikes, majestic views, most exciting rapids. That’s what we are all about. We want you to experience Croatia and its surrounding region in the best possible way. Croatia is not just islands on a coastline. We are people, experiences, culture, history, nature. We are the next thing on your bucket list.

Here at Lighthouse, we strongly believe in the power of a healthy, relaxing, away-from-the-crowd vacation. Each and every person deserves a moment to take a break, to remember the people we care about. To appreciate more the important things, like family and friends – far away from everyday obligations. 

Although you are here to relax, we are not. Let us take care of all the little things behind the scene while you enjoy the ride of your life. Your only “task” is to show up, the rest is on us. You can choose one of our predesigned tours or you can request a completely custom tour for yourself and your friends. You are here to write our story with us.

Allow us to help you find your way.

Core values


We are experts in travel and leisure in Croatia, after countless hours of research, execution and experience. Followed by precious memories of the most spectacular locations which we want to share with you. Whether you want to follow the crowd, or to be unseen among some of the hidden locations – we are here to ensure all of that.


Not only we travel for work, but we do it in our personal lives as well. We wanderlust, we explore, we live. Traveling to well-known places, to new places, alone or with friends – important thing is to move. To live. To experience. We strive to give you the best possible experience in every way you can imagine. We want you to share our passion for Croatia.


If we say we’ll do it, it means that we’ll do it. We will do everything in our power to fulfill your expectations, no matter how high they might be. Having a client’s trust is the biggest accomplishment one company can achieve and we will always be grateful for your trust. Lighthouse is here to show you the way.

On a personal note

Hello, friends.

Welcome to my story and thank you for being here. An adventure of my own, the task I have given to myself is in front of you. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed traveling, seeing new countries and exploring different cultures.

For the last couple of years, I have been working my way up, operating here in the region as a trip leader and office manager in the field of adventure tourism. I was learning, progressing and developing my skills.

Today, I can proudly announce that I have started my own destination management company with a purpose of sharing all of the region’s beauties with fellow travelers from all around the world. And you have the front row tickets.

Individual approach, high-level social skills and a friendly attitude make my trips memorable and fun. My goal is to give you an experience which you can share with your loved ones. 

My vision is to make your life better. 

Thank you for your time and taking me into consideration as a person that might help you in organizing your next adventure.

Sincerely yours
Mario Tukša

Holiday Types

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Family Holidays

Coupled with our partners in Croatia and Montenegro, we are able to offer you a range of private family holidays in Croatia and beyond. Allow us to help you decide which adventure suits you and your family members the most.

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Self Guided

And if you want to be an independent traveler, we can help you. Ask us anything about where to go and what to do in Croatia and go on a self guided tour. Or spend a week on your own and live like a local with our Croatia itinerary.

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Bespoke Travel

Finally, our tailor-made private holidays in Croatia, written for you and you only. Straightaway, jump to private transfers, secluded bays and fine hotels combined with our first hand experience and insider access to life in Croatia and beyond.

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