Private Accommodation in Croatia

Instead of looking for hotels and trying to figure out best locations for your accommodation in Croatia, you can relax. Tell us more about your preferences and we will find you the most suitable private accommodation and help you reserve it. Even the best 5* hotels have other guests staying there. In our private villas, you’re the only star.

Private Villas in Croatia

Although it might not sound like it, a private villa can turn out to be a more affordable option than a very nice hotel. Depending on your group size, it’s easy to find that perfect stone house in Istria or a penthouse apartment in Split. Private accommodation has gone up in quality over the last decade and can provide you with the highest levels of service. While on the other hand, hotels will always have other guests to take care of. No hotel can compete with the privacy level of a private villa in Dubrovnik, far away from the crowds. Where you can enjoy some pool time with your family and friends.

High-Level Service

Additional services we can offer to you are everything you need for the dream holiday in Croatia. At your disposal, you can have

  • private driver
  • private guide
  • private travel concierge
  • private chef

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