How To Choose The Best Private Tour In Croatia

panoramic view of Ston city and its city walls

How To Choose The Best Private Tour In Croatia

sea view of the Molunat bay

Dear traveler, if you’re reading this, then you must be in the middle of planning your next trip. Thank you for being here. We’re here to assist you with your decision and help you choose your best private tour in Croatia. In this post you can read more about the specifics of our work, how can you travel in Croatia and what can your tour look like once you’re here. Down below you can also find some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to the story of private tours in Croatia.

Which Destinations Can We Visit On A Private Tour?

Lighthouse Adventure Travel is a Croatia based travel agency, yes. Most of our private tours cover the area of our country and there is no limits for you. With us, you can enjoy in sightseeing and city breaks, nature and activities, islands and national parks and more. There is no corner in Croatia unknown to us. The best private tour in Croatia for you is a combination of your wish list and our travel expertise. Our tailor made trips cater to your needs in every way possible. We’re more than happy to propose you some of our ideas for your tour, of course. 

Your private tour can also take you to Slovenia and Montenegro, as our most popular destinations after Croatia. Same rules apply – we know every corner of our neighboring countries and we are actually quite excited to take you there. You just have to choose the things you want to do and see, we will make the magic happen. In case you would like to continue with your exploration, other countries in the Balkans are at your disposal as well.

Which Activities Can We Do On A Private Tour?

Hiking, cycling, sea kayaking and whitewater rafting are our standard activities, which we always recommend within our proposed itineraries for your private tour. These activities are our choice because of them being available in most of Croatia, and beyond. These activities are also easily adjusted to different levels of experience and age groups and make a great fun activity for families, couples and individuals. 

Another wonderful thing about these activities is that they are simple to organize and we can do a little bit of everything throughout the entire trip.

Besides our “regular” activities, we can partake in virtually any other activity you might think of. However, our favorite activities from this set are horseback riding, zip line, photo safari, painting class, wine tasting, cooking class, truffle hunting and rock climbing. You choose, we organize.

How Many People Can Travel In Our Private Tour?

Even in general, we only offer tours for small groups, of up to 8 people. This is to maintain the high level quality of customer service, individual approach and a friendly atmosphere. There is no such thing as a minimum for our private tours in Croatia – if you’re traveling alone, we can help you with your travel plans.

If you choose Lighthouse Adventure Travel for your honeymoon, we understand that’s all about you two. However, if you’re traveling in a larger group, as a multigeneration family and there is more than 8 family members, you don’t have to worry. 

We will happily arrange a private tour in Croatia for you and your big family. Just let us know on exact number of travelers in your group and we will make the necessary arrangements for you. Private minibus, check. Private villa, check.

Can We See An Example Of A Private Tour In Croatia?

One example of our private tour in Croatia would be the “Highlights of Croatia” trip, as the name says it – here we are deeply exploring the beauties of Croatia. Starting from the south, in Dubrovnik, exploring the Adriatic in a kayak, we continue up north in order to explore the national parks of Krka, Paklenica, Kornati and Plitvice lakes which are only a fraction of our expedition where we are hiking, trekking, swimming, snorkeling, sea kayaking and cycling. We are also visiting some of our most interesting cities like Ston, Split, Zadar, Šibenik and Zagreb. Not to mention all of the small, picturesque villages on our way up north. People like this tour as it presents a unique combination of culture, activities and people. It is a trip that helps you to see, understand and live Croatia.

Do We Have A Guide On Our Private Tour In Croatia?

During your private tour in Croatia, you will have a designated travel concierge. This personal travel assistant will be at your service at all times. Next to you in many different roles, as a driver, guide, sea kayaking instructor, etc., one person is taking care of all the things you need. We are a boutique travel agency and we take great pride in our service.

On a private tour in Croatia with us, you won’t have the usual feeling of a large group journey. From the initial e-mail correspondence to the last airport transfer, we’re here to plan, organize and realize your entire tour. Your travel concierge is here for you in every possible moment. When we say that we will go the extra mile for you, we mean it. Every single time.

Welcome to the Lighthouse.

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