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What do you know about Croatia?

What do you know about Croatia?

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What do you know about Croatia?

Welcome back to school, everyone! Usually we just tell you everything we know about Croatia and its surrounding region, you read it and that’s it, right? This time, you will be participating a bit more – if you don’t mind, of course.

Depending on your story and actually being here on a website that helps you with travel in Croatia, you already know something about our country. We will now put your knowledge to the test and see if you did your homework. Join us on this short quiz and see how much you know. Who knows, maybe you’ll get all 20 answers correct.

Even if that doesn’t happen, this is a game where really is important to participate more than winning. Hopefully, you will learn something new. Whether you’ve been here already or maybe you’re just starting to plan your active holiday in Croatia. No matter what the reason is, we’re glad to have you here.

In our questions, you will find out many interesting things. Which island is the largest one in Croatia? Is there an Egyptian sphinx in Croatia? How many Croatians live outside of our country? Which famous inventions do come from Croatia? Where was Nikola Tesla born? Keep answering questions and let us know how well you actually know our beloved country.

We hope that you will enjoy the questions, learn something new and of course, if you have any additional questions or would like to learn more about something, write to us!

Good luck, world!

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