sea kayaking dubrovnik croatia adriatic sea

September travel in Croatia

September travel in Croatia

sea kayaking dubrovnik croatia adriatic sea

September travel in Croatia

Because everything is just much nicer, September travel is our favorite. The temperatures go a bit lower – by lower, we mean somewhere around 25° Celsius / 77° Fahrenheit. The humidity goes lower, the winds are calmer and the waters are still. The reason why we like the “off-season” so much for our active holiday trips is because you can still do everything you would usually do.

But now, your sea kayaking in Croatia isn’t in groups of 20pax – and it never is with us, but let us talk in general. Cycling is again more comfortable than during mid-July, when the temperatures can go up to 40° Celsius / 104° Fahrenheit, depending on your whereabouts. The crowds are gone, but the nice weather is here. The temperatures are much nicer, but you’re still enjoying yourself in the outdoor activities. Of course, we can easily achieve all of these in the month of October, as well.

All of the above mentioned reasons make it obvious why we prefer “Autumn” in Croatia and Montenegro more than anything. Our clients think alike, therefore we have more trips booked for our “off-season” dates than the “high-season” ones – but this is what we do.

We take you to some of the most beautiful locations, allow you to dive into our culture in a combination with various activities and far away from the rest of the world. Isn’t this something you strive for during your vacation? To recharge your batteries and get yourself ready for your return to your everyday life?

As always, it is our pleasure to take responsibility for your holiday in Croatia and surrounding region and make it a dream come true adventure for you, your family and your friends.

Welcome to Lighthouse.

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