Slavonia region in Croatia

slavonia region of croatia hiking in papuk geopark

Slavonia region in Croatia

Yes, tourists have been here in Slavonia region. But on a regional level, our coastline indeed is the hotspot for all of the people coming to visit and explore Croatia.

Just as always, we are working on something a bit different. When we say “off the beaten path”, we mean it. Unlike our other tours in Croatia, where you are taken to the coastal cities and the islands. This time we are going inland. Our most recent project is based in the Slavonia region. We have established a new relationship with the local community and came up with our new trip.

The epicentre of the tour is our first and only Croatian UNESCO protected geopark, known as Papuk. A geopark is an area with an expressed geological heritage and a strategy for a sustainable economical development. Also the promotion of that very development is important to the benefit of the local community. The park itself is a part of the European and Global UNESCO Geoparks Network.

This is the other side of Croatia. We will be behind the scenes, helping the local park rangers in their territory, as we will be a part of the bird monitoring project. A paradise for ornithologists, geologists and outdoor enthusiasts. We will also be a part of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service‘s training programs. Lara, the most wonderful Belgian Shepherd we have ever met, will demonstrate to us how good she is at finding missing people in the rough terrains.

The diversity of the trip goes beyond our wildest dreams as we are exploring the geological side of the geopark and helping Lara in finding missing people. We are monitoring the flying inhabitants of the park, hiking and cycling through a variety of 200km of different tracks. Last, but not least, we are exploring the gastronomy of the region. Local cuisine and wine tastings, where we will introduce you to the region’s top three winemakers in their state of the art wineries.

Along with the geopark, we will also be visiting another interesting place. This location is sometimes referred to as “the European Amazon”. Waters of Mura, Drava and Danube rivers create a unique area of significant natural and cultural heritage. It extends over more than 800,000 hectares in five countries: Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. Because of its amazing biodiversity the joint watershed of all rivers has been nominated for the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve programme in early 2011.

Feel free to read more about this unique area and see why it is a wildlife paradise, especially for the ornithologists of the world. This trip is special because there are almost no people here and avoiding the crowds is an easy thing to achieve. To be in touch with the nature is our goal. Lighthouse is here to help you become one of the pioneers in exploring this region and having a different story to tell.


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