photo safari in canyons of montenegro

Thank You, World

Thank You, World

photo safari in canyons of montenegro

Thank You, World

Before we get emotional and everything, we just want to give a big thank you to everyone that is following our story, trying to be a part of it and more than anything, thank you for your unconditional support and songs of praise. It does mean the world to us. Since our beginning, we’ve been working hard on getting our light out there. This is a little tribute to everyone being the part of the story and some numbers to represent how far we’ve come already. Thank you, world.

Social Media

Did you know that there are over 8000 beautiful souls that follow our story and our trips on the social media? Here are the links, in case you want to check it out and join us on our journey.

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So far, we have already been recognized by a couple of bigger companies that showed their interest in representing us out there. You can find some of our trips on these platforms and we are also working with a new partner, a fantastic tour packages platform that goes by the cool name of Tripaneer – you will soon be able to find us there as well.

Lonely Planet Balkanvibe Tourradar Viator TripAdvisor Experiences AirBnB Tripaneer


Besides the classic partnership programs, we are also developing some new relationships in order to get the light out there even further. As you already know, you can find our brand apparel at our online shop hosted by the Teespring. Now we are working with some designers in order to create even better products for you – we want you to be even more proud to wear our fabulous shirts. But wait, there’s more. Another beautiful collaboration is about to come alive – in a lively duo with the Good Gate video production studio, we are working on some new projects and we are coming to theaters near you in no time, stay tuned.

Teespring Good Gate

International Scene

Lighthouse Adventure Travel has been recognized recently by the EU initiative “Partnerships in European Tourism” as a small European business that they wish to push forward a little bit. We have been given a chance to represent ourselves on two major tourism events/conferences, based in London and Macau, and we will be in direct contact with new potential clients/partners from the rest of the world, mostly from US and China. All of this means that our light will soon be shining outside of Europe and no words can describe our happiness. Only our continuous effort and gratitude we give back to everyone in the spotlight of the Lighthouse.

Partnerships in European Tourism

Thank you, world. We will do our best to fulfill your expectations.

With love, Lighthouse.

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