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Top 5 Islands In Croatia For Your Next Family Holiday

Top 5 Islands In Croatia For Your Next Family Holiday

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Top 5 Islands In Croatia For Your Next Family Holiday

Adriatic Sea, Hvar Island
This guide is all about quality time with your loved ones. No matter what the size of your family is or the age of your children, one thing always stays the same. You all want to have fun. This can be hard to achieve as years go by ‑ parents, you know what we’re talking about. Here you can find our top recommendations for fun times with the entire family, the less known ones. Hidden gems, here we come. Considering the nowadays situation in the world, multigenerational travel makes more sense than ever. It allows you to stay safe in your own bubble and enjoy your family holiday in Croatia, properly. A little bit of everything for everyone. These are the holiday destinations your kids won’t want to miss, no matter what. 

Hvar Island

Quite famous as the sunniest island of them all, Hvar does meet your expectations. How is this island a hidden gem, you might ask. Everyone knows about Hvar, or at least the Hvar town. That’s totally true and we couldn’t agree more. But that’s not all. If you explore further, Hvar is amazing because of its: picturesque towns, seaside villages, hiking and cycling trails, winemakers, local food and then, only then, can we mention the nightlife. Hvar has it all and you can combine it in any way you want. Our recommended length of a trip here is 7 days with easy-to-add day trips to the surrounding islands. Sea kayaking is a definite must here, so you can find all of the secluded coves. Cycling through picturesque villages is also our recommendation for the cooler days in the year.

For the adults, we will go explore some of the finest wineries on the island. For the kids – we can have fun painting workshops, cooking classes and chocolate-making sessions.

Rab Island

Quite often overlooked as a holiday destination, this island has become a well-kept secret by the locals. Hiding in plain sight, Rab is on a good path to becoming one of the Croatian coastline champions. No crowds, quaint towns and a whole lot of beaches is what makes it a great family holiday destination. Our description can stop here. This island is great for families with younger kids because of its shallow beaches. You can devote each day to a different beach and just lay back as your kids play in the sand. In case you want to be a bit more active, there are plenty of hiking routes to be found. For the most adventurous ones out there, we can hop on a boat and explore the surrounding islands and go scuba diving, stand-up paddle boarding or sea kayaking.

Lopud Island

Hidden an hour away from the magnificent Dubrovnik, Lopud could very easily be your next favorite destination. Franciscan monasteries and arboretums to walk through. Hiking routes on top of cliffs. Sea kayaking to the next island. Enjoying freshly caught fish for a family dinner. Friendly locals knowing your name after the second day on the island. More relaxing vacay, you go everywhere by boat. More on the active side, you paddle and cycle around. Welcome to Lopud island, where you already have friends. As with all of our islands, we recommend a private villa so you can stay away from the crowds, prepare your meals and enjoy that special downtime by the pool.

Pag Island

Known for its fantastic gastronomy and unique scenery, Pag will win you over with its charm in seconds. If that’s not enough, you can go for a hike to the highest peak of the island. Find your next beach to jump in. Minutes away from the coastline but a whole different world, that’s what Pag is. One moment, you’re in traffic, trying to get out of Zadar. Next thing you know, as you cross the breathtaking bridge, the rules change. You’re relaxed, you’re on a vacation. Welcome to the island life of Pag island and explore the out-of-this-world hiking trails and oldest olives in this part of the world. Your teenagers will definitely discover their love for the rocks here. Another great idea for your multigenerational family holiday would be a yoga/wellness retreat. Think about it.

Krk Island

Just three hours away from the nation’s capital, an island awaits. Long history, rich heritage and crystal clear waters. Welcome to Krk island and join us for a quick rock climbing session. Or don’t, we’ll just leave you in the best restaurant on the island so you can enjoy good food in good company. If you change your mind, we’ll be at the beach, waiting for you. After the safety talk and equipment handling brief, we will go sea kayaking. We’ll paddle to a hidden beach, enjoy the picnic and continue to the next village. Just go easy because tomorrow we go cycling. Who wants to sleep in, raise your hands. From Krk, we can easily hop over to Cres island by boat and do some serious bird watching. Perhaps you know which endangered species can be found here? See you soon, we’ll check your answers.

And where do you want to go?

We hope you liked our recommended islands in Croatia for your next family holiday. Let us know which one you like the most. And if you want to go somewhere else in Croatia or talk more about these islands, reach out to us at any time. We always love to discuss travel options with you and find the best solution for your private tour in Croatia. You can find out more about the possibilities of tailor-made travel in Croatia right here.

Take care, everyone, see you soon!

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