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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Slovenia

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Slovenia

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Slovenia

You really want to visit Slovenia, trust us. If you didn’t know it by now, now you know. Of course, like with all of our other destinations, it will be our great pleasure to help you learn more about Slovenia. 

Down below, we will mention some of our favorite things about this country that will just spark the wanderlust in you. No one will be happier than us if you join one of our tour programs and visit Slovenia.

The Untouched Nature

Starting from the untouched nature of Julian Alps in the north, all the way down to the well taken care of coastal area of Piran bay, Slovenia does have it all. When we say that Slovenia is green, we are backed up more than you know. Sustainability experts have awarded this little country as the world’s first green destination. 

Wherever you go, you will be left in awe. Lakes, rivers, mountains, caves, valleys, gorges, springs, forests, mines. If we forgot a thing, we will show it to you on our trips, rest assured.

The People

Despite being from Croatia, we have to give it to our lovely neighbors. The unmatched hospitality and warmth you’re welcomed with in Slovenia does really make you feel like home. Always ready to help with anything, Slovenian people are your fast friends. 

The location doesn’t matter. You will be greeted with the same politeness and courtesy in a high end hotel and in a mountain hut, far away from the crowds. The conversations will be as long as you want them to be and most probably followed with some local food. That’s how we all welcome our beloved guests in the Balkans.

The Food

As we all know by now, love does come through the stomach indeed. More or less, depending on the corner of the world you’re in, but essentially, yes. It is a fact. Nothing’s different in Slovenia. Along with their entire story of being and staying green, food comes as well.

Proud of their nature, they are also proud of their animals who bring delicious food products to your table. Farm to table meals are no novelty in Slovenia. Quite often we will be spending some time with the locals, being able to witness the entire process of local food entering our global stomachs.

The Wine

In the past decade, Slovenians have truly shown their knowledge in the world of wines. Winning multiple awards in various areas, consecutively, they have earned their right to pour their wine in your glass.

Combined with all of the other highlights Slovenia has to offer, we will definitely be enjoying the perks of their gastronomy where the wine comes quite high on the list of priorities. As we are cycling through the vineyards, we will be invited to taste some of the local wines that the locals appreciate so much. So will we.

The Diversity

For a country of this size, Slovenia does have it all. Our activities will range from trekking to sea kayaking, paragliding and whitewater rafting. No need for us to spend two months in the country.

If you visit Slovenia, one of our weeklong programs will be more than enough for you to enjoy the Slovenian palette. Wine tasting in Vipava valley, sea kayaking in Piran bay or paragliding above the Triglav national park. You name it, we provide it.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, there are no pictures in this blog post of ours. The reason for this is simple. No picture can do justice to Slovenia and we respect that. Best thing for you is to see it with your own two eyes. 

See you soon, world.

With love, Lighthouse.

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