Your Top 5 Perfect Family Friendly Tours In Dubrovnik

Welcome to Dubrovnik, we’re so happy to have you here. If this is your first time visiting Dubrovnik then there is so much for you to do, see and experience. Some of the best tours in Dubrovnik you can do are the classics, of course. You can go for a walk on the city walls of Dubrovnik, join a boat tour going to Lokrum island or take the cable car up to the Srđ mountain. These are the things every traveler in Dubrovnik could or should do during their visit. That’s a great introduction to the city of Dubrovnik and helps you understand our local culture and history. 

But then what? Two days in, you’ve managed to cover all of the classics, right? That’s why you’re reading about our perfect family friendly adventures starting in Dubrovnik.

No matter how beautiful Dubrovnik is, it’s still a rather small city. Not much time is needed for you and your family to cover all of the basics and start exploring other options. We’re happy to help. Our day tours in Dubrovnik are a great way to explore the Dubrovnik area. All of them are departing from Dubrovnik and will bring you back to Dubrovnik as well. It’s very easy to pick just one of them, two or even three to fill up your calendar in Croatia. If you don’t have anything planned yet, of course. 

In case you would need a customized program, that can also be taken care of. Multiple day tours can be combined into a full week of adventures for you and your family. You have chosen your accommodation but not sure what to do during your time here, then we jump in and help you organize your holiday with our services like private tours, private guides or private drivers. 

We’re here to make your stay in Dubrovnik as comfortable as possible. Welcome to the Lighthouse Adventure Travel.

Visit An Oyster Farm In Mali Ston

oyster tasting day tour dubrovnik croatia

Cultural Immersion In The Konavle Valley

konavle valley day tour from dubrovnik croatia

Pelješac Peninsula Cycling And Wine Tasting

peljesac peninsula day tour from dubrovnik croatia

Tara River Canyon Whitewater Rafting

drone view tara river montenegro

Sea Kayaking In The Bay Of Kotor

hilltop fortress hiking in kotor montenegro

Tailor Made Day Tours From Dubrovnik

So, this is the part where you shine before we can. Tell us what you know so far, what have you planned and what problems did you run into. They don’t have to be problems, of course – questions, dilemmas, just ask. Thank you.

Our family friendly adventures are exactly that. Appropriate for all age groups and experience levels, we will adjust each day to you and your family. This is the beauty of our private tours in Croatia – everything can be changed and tailored to your specific needs. Luxury vehicle, earlier departure, upgrades like meals. Everything is possible with our bespoke itineraries. This section is great for you in case you didn’t find anything that suits your needs perfectly. Fill out our form for tailor made day tours from Dubrovnik and we will get back to you with our best proposals. Thank you for visiting Croatia and see you soon, everyone.

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