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"In times like these, we should help each other."

Hello, everyone. It’s a new world we woke up in today. Affected by the recent events and pandemic outbreak of the infamous Corona virus, we have found ourselves in a new story.

Our jobs have changed, our freedom has changed. And it is all for the greater good. We are limiting ourselves to help everyone and keep the effect of the virus as minimal as possible.

Due to this, travel plans may have changed. Travel companies have postponed your trips to the dates that just don’t work for you. You can’t go on your dream come true holiday in whatever destination you chose it to be. The walking holiday from the top of your bucket list has been canceled because the local tour operator had to let go of their walking guide. The scenarios go on and on. This is where the world of travel consulting opens its doors to you.

In my efforts of helping the world, I put myself here at your disposal. As your private travel concierge, I’ll be working from my home until further notice just like you. I will do my best in minimizing the damage this unfortunate event has caused. Feel free to reach out and discuss your travel plans with me.

If your chosen destination was Croatia and it had to be canceled/postponed, I will assist you and try to make it happen. If you were thinking of visiting Montenegro this year but not so sure right now, let me reassure you. In case you’ve never heard of Slovenia and you wanted to explore it, let’s go as soon as possible because it really is something special.

If your travel plans were to take you to some other parts of the world but now you can’t go there, why not make the best of it? Join me for a travel consulting session where we can talk about all of your options here. There are no hidden costs. I will be doing this for free as long as we are asked to stay in our homes. I’m a traveler myself and I can only imagine how I would feel if I had to change my travel plans. My goal is to make everyone’s tomorrow better, even if it’s just through a small thing like an advice on what to do in Ljubljana in 3 days. You came to the right place if you need assistance with travel in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro.

Thank you for being here, let us start with our work and get you back out there.

Mario Tuksa

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