Why should you travel to Montenegro

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Why should you travel to Montenegro

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge patriot and I love my Croatia as much as I love food. But the time has come for another country to shine and to give them the credit. A small gem hidden in the mountains, by the name of Montenegro. Don’t be fooled by the name of “Black Mountain” as Montenegro has it all – from superb beaches to medieval towns. You need to visit Montenegro.

13th century walls and fortresses, second deepest gorge in the world, breathtaking views on almost every step you make. Lakes, rivers, mountains and forests. Fantasy-like land of humble people who are embracing the new age of tourism and slowly becoming ready to win the title of the most beautiful country in the region.

Like most of the less known destination, Montenegro is a paradise for the travelers that want to know more. Often compared with Croatia, but without “the hordes of tourists”. From the coastline to the mountains, one can find diversity here. Being only half the size of Wales, for example, Montenegro makes it easy to be explored.

Medieval towns like Kotor, a UNESCO world heritage site, are waiting for your breath to take it away. Positioned between the two nearly overhanging limestone cliffs of Orjen and Lovčen, in a secluded part of a ria, a submerged river canyon. Fortifications built during the Venetian period, protecting the city, but willing to show you their secrets.

National parks – check. 

The most spectacular one being the national park Durmitor, where also Montenegro’s highest peak, Bobotov kuk, is hiding. You can find it at 2525m above the sea level and bring some extra layers as it gets quite windy. By quite, we mean extremely.

On the other hand, you can also choose to go the other way – in the world’s second deepest canyon, right after the Grand Canyon. Yes, we are talking about the Tara River Canyon where you can escape from the world and be one with the nature. At last, until you get catapulted out of your raft on the rapids and you need us to get you back in.

Welcome to Montenegro.

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