View of the Zagreb Cathedral from Upper Town

10 Reasons To Visit Zagreb For Your Next Adventure

10 Reasons To Visit Zagreb For Your Next Adventure

View of the Zagreb Cathedral from Upper Town

10 Reasons To Visit Zagreb For Your Next Adventure

Welcome to your dream of Croatia, world. Today you will get to learn more about reasons to visit Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Often overlooked and almost always used as a transit point, this city has become a spectacular metropole, wordy of being shoulder to shoulder with some of the most popular European destinations.

But why would Zagreb be a better choice, you might ask? Firstly, this is still a small town, despite its role in the country as the capital. This means that in no scenario you will be fighting your way through the crowds, whether you’re traveling alone or with your family.

Did you know that Zagreb only counts somewhere around 800.000 inhabitants?

Reasons to visit Zagreb make a long list, but we won’t take up too much of your time today. Main characteristics of Zagreb as a travel destination are its culture, architecture, rich history, museums, gastronomy and the surrounding area offering you many options for outdoor activities and day trips.

Zagreb became a free royal city all the way back in 1242., after a Mongol invasion.

With so many things to do and see, Zagreb is definitely not one of those cities you can pack in one day and move on. At least in our humble opinion. One of the most important parts of the city center is the one you will be reading about, a lot. Every guided tour of the city will take you through this area and you should not miss it.

The Upper Town is Zagreb’s most popular district, definitely worth of your time.

Therefore, once you’re done with the history of the city center, you will be able to explore further areas of Zagreb and see what makes it a bustling capital. You will witness a wonderful combination of many architectural styles before you reach the modern buildings. If you’re still considering should you visit Zagreb, keep reading, please.

The second tallest skyscraper in Croatia can be found in Zagreb – Strojarska Business Center.

Did you know that the three chandeliers on the ceiling of Zagreb’s Cathedral come from a casino in Las Vegas?

Did you know that Zagreb is one of the three remaining European cities that still have functional gas lanterns? 214 of them nowadays are still here with us. These enchanting lanterns are more than 150 years old and still get hand-lit.

Every day in the afternoon, you can see two lamplighters on almost every corner, lighting the streets of the Upper Town.

Did you know that Zagreb funicular is actually the shortest one in the world? Dating back to the 1890’s, it is the oldest and first means of transportation in the city. Also, the safest – never had an accident in its entire existence. Because it kept its original structure and appearance, the funicular has also become a protected cultural monument.

Meanwhile, the original components of it can be seen in the Zagreb Technical Museum. You should definitely invest one minute of your time into this ride and enjoy being in a living, operating museum exhibit.

If you visit Zagreb, you will get to take a ride with the shortest funicular in the world.

Zagreb’s Botanical Garden actually belongs to a college.

There’s a vineyard in the middle of the city center, in Tkalčićeva street.

The Grounded Solar System is the name of Zagreb’s solar system. Although you might expect something different, this is an art installation. It is a combination of two different art installations called The Grounded Sun and Nine Views. The Grounded Sun is situated in the city center, few steps away from the main square while the Nine Views represent planets scattered around the city.

The most interesting fact about these installations is that the sun and planets were sculpted and positioned in relation to each other to scale, matching the real solar system we live in.

In conclusion, thank you for reading our list of reasons to visit Zagreb, we hope that you liked it and stay for a bit longer in the capital of Croatia. Safe travels, everyone.


Zagreb has its own solar system.

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