What is Lighthouse all about

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What is Lighthouse all about

Well, long story short, we are here to help travelers from all around the world to get a closer look at Croatia. And Montenegro. And any other country in the region. What is Lighthouse? Our trips are a combination of culture, sports and local people.

The locals

The people are the most important part of our trips as we take you to the local level – you are sleeping in a guesthouse owned by our local friend. You are hiking through the national park with the help of our old friend who happens to be the park ranger. Lucky us, right? You are dining in small and authentic restaurants that are not even restaurants as they’re closed for the public. But our friend’s grandmother makes the best grilled fish ever and we want you to taste it. In our vineyards, you have a chance of tasting the hidden batches, just getting ready to get out there in the market.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And we do have a great network which we’re more than happy to share with you. Our main ingredient, which we’re proud of, is being small. And we plan on staying small. We are traveling in small groups of 4 to 8 people, preserving the individual touch and a friendly atmosphere, with a dash of exclusiveness.

Instead of being in a group of 50+ people

Where you find yourself running in order to keep up with your guide, talking into his microphone and carrying a pink umbrella, you can go with another scenario. You can be in a small group, taking your time for actually enjoying the country you’re visiting. Creating your own schedule – in agreement with other group members, of course, as democracy is one of our guaranteed parts of the trip. Although we have predesigned tours, they are also adjustable and ready to be tailored for your needs. As long as the group decides on it.

In this way, we can teach you better on how to use your kayak or why we’re taking the “longer route” because our accommodation is “right there”. We can skip that cave over there because we want to do some practice on our paddling skills in the bay. Through our experience and local knowledge, accompanied by locals, Lighthouse becomes a beacon for you and your friends. We can help you find your way to the secrets of our region and more.

For the traveling part itself, you have multiple options. You can go with one of our predesigned tours, the “shelf ready” programs. Choose between sea kayaking in the Adriatic Sea, whitewater rafting on the Tara River or go multisport and explore all of the highlights of Croatia. The other version would be you having an idea of your own, or being close to it. Here we would go with the custom program where Lighthouse tailors a new, custom made trip for you and your fellow travelers. We are here for you.

Welcome to Lighthouse.

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