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Watch the following video and learn more about who we are. How do we travel. What can you expect. When and where do we travel. 

Lighthouse Adventure Travel is all about small groups of up to eight people. As we travel together through the region, we explore countries of Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. In our tailor made programs you can visit the rest of the Balkan countries as well. Through our journeys, we will tell you the story of the country you’re in. We don’t just visit the top locations but we also go behind the scenes. We will introduce you to the local people and share their customs with you. You will learn how to prepare a traditional Croatian lunch. Where are the best beaches in Montenegro. Why is Slovenia the greenest country in the region.

Our favorite activities are hiking, cycling and sea kayaking. But we will also gladly go whitewater rafting. horseback riding and trekking with you. After all, we are family now. 

We know who we are. We are the next thing on your bucket list.

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